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  Day 39 - 326 days to go On Saturday night, a privileged few were in Albury to meet Matgo Law. The crew found Mr Law fascinating, a genuine advocate of the breed.  Mr Law, now in his 70's... [More...]

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31 January, 2016 162

Coming Soon - to be listed

Bob is 3 yrs a red dilute and such a honey pie!!!! Love bob!! He is dog and kid friendly. Tess is 2 yrs a red with black mask, currently recovering from entropion surgery, is hypothyroid but a lovely… + Read More
31 January, 2016 236

Jewel - VIC

Just the sweetest girl who was surrendered to the local pound and saved by the rangers themselves. She is  4 years old (nearly 5) and quite happy to lay in the sun watching the world go by. Jewel has… + Read More
31 January, 2016 91

Willow - VIC

Willow is a beautiful 9 year old Shar Pei x. This lovely lady just wants a quiet companion and loves to be with you. She has lived in foster care with cats and will follow you around with the upmost… + Read More
12 January, 2016 733

Saffon, Dusk and Austin

These puppies - Saffron (female), Dusk (female), and Austin (male) came into care just before Christmas and have blossomed since. They are 14 weeks old, and have had their triannual vaccine and have… + Read More
04 January, 2016 388


He’s cool, calm, collected – but looking for a family to love him. Beau-Dee, a sweet 7 year old Shar Pei male, has been grateful for his life at Shar Pei Rescue, but is now ready to move out of home… + Read More
25 October, 2015 1200

Winnie - VIC

  Winnie What is a Chow Chow doing at SPR you ask??  Chow Chows are very closely related to pei, therefore when this young lady needed a hand, we were there to offer her a place in rescue.  Winnie is… + Read More
25 October, 2015 967

Chong - VIC

  Chong   Chong is a dude!!!!  4 years of age and no trouble at all.  He is happy to just hang out with or without his dude mates.  Nothing seems to phase Chong - except for cats, and that isn't a… + Read More
25 October, 2015 1405

Charlee - VIC

  Charlee   This Australian Grand Champion boy is exactly that.......a champion!!!  Charlee is 6 yrs of age and because of his extensive show ring experience, he is trained to within an inch of his… + Read More
12 September, 2015 2309

Ollie - VIC

Hello my name is Ollie (answers to, Gorgeous Boy and Olliemagollie), I was surrendered to the RSPCA in 2014, unhappy, underweight, anxious, terrible diarrhoea and my skin was all sorts of bother.… + Read More
06 September, 2015 4350

Orson - VIC

Hello, my name is Orson and I’m seven years old. I arrived at SPR in November last year suffering from an extremely under active thyroid, a very itchy skin condition and that bane of a Pei’s life –… + Read More
04 September, 2015 1492

Dudley - VIC

Meet the little dude that is Dudley!At 4 yrs of age, Dudley found himself in the pound, but from there his life began.  First he got to ride the ferry to make it to the other side of town to commence… + Read More
04 September, 2015 1304

Poppy - VIC

Pop Pop Poppy!Love this little lady!!!!  Poppy came to us about 6 mths ago in very poor condition.  She was a surrender, however, I wonder if she had ever been looked after as she deserves.  So we… + Read More
29 August, 2015 1699

Fudge - VIC won my heart!  But it is time I waved farewell to you as you head off to your forever home.  5 and 1/2  yr old Fudge is a "joint venture" of the RSPCA SA and SPR.  He was a surrender to… + Read More

Interested in Adopting?

Not all the dogs currently in SPR care will be in the list above. We only list a dog once they are ready for adoption. If the dog you are interested in is not on our website yet, or you just want to register your interest in adopting a Shar Pei, you are welcome to fill out our Online Adoption Form here -

We can keep your form on file if you wish, and if we are about to list a dog for adoption that may suit you, we can get in touch.

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