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  Day 39 - 326 days to go On Saturday night, a privileged few were in Albury to meet Matgo Law. The crew found Mr Law fascinating, a genuine advocate of the breed.  Mr Law, now in his 70's... [More...]

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12 April, 2015 1395

Princess Fucsia - VIC

Princess Fuchsia here......are you my forever family??? I am beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, sweet, loving and......what else would you like to know???? I am only a dear little thing, about 18kg with a… + Read More
30 January, 2015 1979

Orson - VIC

Hello, my name is Orson and I’m six years old. I arrived at SPR in November last year suffering from an extremely under active thyroid, a very itchy skin condition and that bane of a Pei’s life –… + Read More

STSS/NF in Australia - a complication of Shar Pei Fever

Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome (STSS)/ Necrotizing Faciitis (NF) is an occasional complication of Shar Pei Fever that we have been seeing happen recently in higher numbers in Australia.
You can read more in detail here on Dr Vidt's website
The important thing to consider with a Shar Pei that shows signs of either STSS or NF,  is that fast treatment is crucial. If the disease's progression is not recognised early (and by early, that is within 24 hours), the chances of the dog's survival can be severely limited.
Dr Scot Plummer, our vet at South Eastern Animal Hospital, has had a number of cases through. The early symptoms can include swelling/inflammation/purple discolouration of the skin over the inner thighs,  caudal thighs and abdomen.  First line treatment if this change is caught within 12 hours has included plasma (often for 2-3 days in a row) and triple antibiotics (clavulox, clindamycin and metronidazole have been found to be effective).  This treatment protocol has avoided a number of dogs requiring surgical intervention with removal of skin and to also be treated as outpatients with a vet visit each day.  Treatment is required early on for this to be effective;  we cannot stress highly enough to keep an eye on your dog if it has a fever attack - if the fever does not resolve as per normal, or you start to see the signs of a 'rash' occurring, talk to a vet for advice.
There has been no established link as of yet as to the causes of this occurring - apart from it being a complication of FSF.  There have been occurrences in Shar Pei in different regions, times of years and different ages. Some Shar Pei who have been affected have never previously shown signs of FSF. Remember, most occurrences of FSF will not lead to the above.
Below are some images of dogs at the beginning of treatment and throughout treatment.
South Eastern Animal Hospital's phone number is (03) 9544 5165 and they are located in Clayton, Victoria.  If you suspect a Shar Pei has this complication of FSF and need advice, do not hesitate to call them or your vet can call them.
South Eastern Animal Hospital Website -
Day 1/Stage 1
Stage 2 - note, if not treated, can be fatal
Dog after plasma/antiobiotic treatment, rash improving.


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