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  Day 39 - 326 days to go On Saturday night, a privileged few were in Albury to meet Matgo Law. The crew found Mr Law fascinating, a genuine advocate of the breed.  Mr Law, now in his 70's... [More...]

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12 September, 2015 423

Ollie - VIC

Hello my name is Ollie (answers to, Gorgeous Boy and Olliemagollie), I was surrendered to the RSPCA in 2014, unhappy, underweight, anxious, terrible diarrhoea and my skin was all sorts of bother.… + Read More
06 September, 2015 446

Duke - VIC

Honk Honk!!!!! Don't you just want to honk that snoge???? Introducing the gorgeous Duke! Direct to you from RSPCA Hunter Valley NSW, via RSPCA Yagoona, now par-taying in Peiville in Melbourne. 5 yrs… + Read More
06 September, 2015 3036

Orson - VIC

Hello, my name is Orson and I’m seven years old. I arrived at SPR in November last year suffering from an extremely under active thyroid, a very itchy skin condition and that bane of a Pei’s life –… + Read More
04 September, 2015 429

Suzy Q - VIC

Suzy Q came into SPR somewhat worse for wear.  Her skin dad had died some 12 mths before hand and the people who took Suzy on didn't take real good care of her at all.  So, surgery to repair an old… + Read More
04 September, 2015 290

Burt - VIC

Burt is the name... and they keep asking me if I am looking for a bloke called Ernie????  Whatever lolBurt has had a tough time until rescue.  He was found wandering the streets of western Melbourne,… + Read More
04 September, 2015 382

Dudley - VIC

Meet the little dude that is Dudley!At 4 yrs of age, Dudley found himself in the pound, but from there his life began.  First he got to ride the ferry to make it to the other side of town to commence… + Read More
04 September, 2015 346

Poppy - VIC

Pop Pop Poppy!Love this little lady!!!!  Poppy came to us about 6 mths ago in very poor condition.  She was a surrender, however, I wonder if she had ever been looked after as she deserves.  So we… + Read More
29 August, 2015 580

Fudge - VIC won my heart!  But it is time I waved farewell to you as you head off to your forever home.  5 and 1/2  yr old Fudge is a "joint venture" of the RSPCA SA and SPR.  He was a surrender to… + Read More

Hello, my name is Orson and I’m seven years old. I arrived at SPR in November last year suffering from an extremely under active thyroid, a very itchy skin condition and that bane of a Pei’s life – entropion!!!!

Well, of course Amanda went into full gear and in no time I was de-sexed, on thyroxine (which I will need to take for the rest of my life – but two tablets a day– no drama), on a proper diet and had entropion surgery.

At the moment I am staying with my foster mum and a Pei foster sister, who I have a lot of fun with, especially playing tug of war with a rope toy. I am really ready for a forever home, though.

My foster mum says –

Orson is a beautiful, affectionate, cheeky, playful boy with a quirky personality and big soulful eyes, who just wants to be loved. He sits waiting for his food (and indeed anytime the fridge door opens) smacking his lips like he can already taste it.

He would be great with a female dog or on his own, a family with teenage children, or would make a perfect companion for someone living by themself as he follows me everywhere, even out into the dark when I put the rubbish out. He doesn’t ask for much – a warm bed inside (he’s used to a dog door), good quality food, some play time and of course lots of TLC.  I n short Orson is just AWESOME!!!!!!

Orson has recently been diagnosed as diabetic.  This does not effect his life span or his quality of life while ever he takes his daily medication, which is 2 x injections of insulin per day which are easy to administer.  That brings the total cost of Orsons daily meds (thyroxine and insulin) to about $3 per day.

With this new medication requirement, we would like to offer some financial assistance to anyone interested in adopting Orson.  We want to see him settled in his very own loving forever home.  Please be advised that Orson's adoption fee is now by donation to SPR.

Microchip # 982009106043917



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